Vintage Baseball and Non-sport Cards

T222 Walter Johnson

Welcome to This site has images and descriptions of most of my vintage baseball and 19th-century non-sport cards. Click on the menu tabs at left to view more info on each set. The cards aren't for sale, although some may be available for trade for cards I'm looking for. The gallery pages have a lot of images and may take a few seconds to load, depending on your connection.

I started collecting in the late 70's when I was a kid, quit when I went to college, then got back into it about a dozen years ago. A lot of the cards came to me through eBay, but many others were acquired from auction houses and trades with other collectors. The oldest cards in my possession are a few of the T204's that I've owned since the late 80's when I was living in Massachusetts. I named this site after the T207 set, but after completing that, I parted with it to concentrate on more difficult issues.

You can email me with any questions or comments about this site. I usually respond quickly. If you're looking to purchase cards, it's best to try eBay or one of the well-known auction houses. Sorry, but I probably can't provide an opinion about card values unless you send scans. Thanks for visiting.